Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm on a Strange Picture in Men's Knuckle... ;)

In December when I were in Shibuya 109-2 a group of models and photographers from the Gyaru-O/Host Magazine Men's Knuckle came by and asked me to join in a photoshoot.

Me and one of the most famous Men's Knuckle-models Kenzou was supposed to look like we discussed somehing on an iPad. You can read more about the photoshoot here. 

One of the pictures I took with Kenzou made it into the magazine's main article called "Shibuya Dream Story". It's about how the dreams came true for Men Knuckle's most famous models, and what they wish for the future.

So I'm in the part about Kenzou's "Shibuya Dream Story". Appearently he was born in Spain and moved to Japan when he was 8 years old. I've heard he's half Latin. His dream for the future is to get his own clothing brand.

Next to the picture it says that the models got acquaintanted with different kinds of people during
the photoshoot.


The most famous and succesful host Ryoma is also part of the "Shibuya Dream Story".
He now owns his own host club and is a designer.

I have never met that Ryoma, but THIS Ryoma I have met many times!^^
He's modeling for the MAYHEM-brand ELCID in the magazine.

He's the MAYHEM-staff I gave a Zlatan-shirt to in this entry.

Another guy that's in the magazine that I've met before is this Murder License model and Kingdom staff Masayama. Looking at the throwing star attached to his chain makes me wonder if all the Murder License-accessories looks like murder weapons..!?

With Masayama at the last Double Heart party.

This is what the cover of the magazine looks like! It's sold in pretty much every convenience store in Japan. I'm on page 29! =)


  1. I remember you first mentioning the shoot - so funny with the iPad thing!

    I'll keep an eye out for it - believe it or not, they sell Men's Knuckle even way down here in Miyazaki (but at my local store, not Men's Egg - weird huh?)

    And I can say that I like "Your" Ryoma better than the other one. ;)

  2. That's rad that you're in the magazine!! If I lived there, I would purchase it x3

  3. congrats! that's awesome dude! ^^

  4. Din blogg har blivit min nya favoritblogg, du skriver alltid så intressant och man märker att du har lagt jobb bakom dina inlägg. :)
    Så mycket roligare att läsa än alla hafsiga ogenomtänkta "det här åt jag idag, nu ska jag göra det och det tråk-leffebloggar"!

  5. Are you better by now? still sick?
    hope everything's fine (^-^)

    Oh so cool! Being in a magazine again..
    Even though I think they actually could have chosen a better photo... Whatever (°v°)/
    I follow Ryoma's blog since you wrote about him, he's cool! :D

  6. Sadly the few issues that they carry of KNUCKLE at the j-mag shop closest to me always sell out before I get my hands on one >O You're a great fit for the magazine ! Nice nice nice nice cover on this issue especially.

  7. Oh you look really good in that photo, better than the model! Its great that you made it in there. I'm too shy to buy men's magazines TT

  8. How cool! Especially since he wasn't a diva, and was still chill and everything :)

  9. This is so cool! I am excited for you! XD I hope your "Shibuya Dream" comes true, too!

  10. I think u look very good !
    better than others guys ;3

  11. i miss the days when you made a post almost everyday :(

  12. Jag älskar din blogg! Läste först From tokyo with love,men nu när hon har flyttat hem till Sverige igen så är du min nya favorit ;)

  13. I think you have such an awesome style. I think your mag pic looks super good!!!!

  14. I miss your posts sooo much!!!!