Wednesday, February 23, 2011

•❤•❤• Double Heart in My Heart •❤•❤•

It's time for another edition of my favorite party Double Heart!!^^
Here with Engla and the EGG-model Recchi.

My "fashion point" of the party outfit was definitley the hat from 6%DOKIDOKI in Harajuku.
Necklace from CocoLulu and "Jet Set"-watch from Ur&Penn in Sweden.

I guess point number 2 is the belt hanging on the side. It's from Daisy and the first time I saw it Masshu was wearing it. It looked so cool on him so I had to buy it...

Getting that volume in the hair wasn't very easy, and it didn't last for long... :(

The hat looks like this from the side.

Since tails and fur has been trendy for some time now I have been joking with my friends about that the next big thing will be hats with tails attached to them. Just like the ones that The Junior Woodchucks on this picture is wearing you know.

And then when I open the latest Men's EGG magazine it says that the next big trend is going to be exactly those kind of hats!! XD

I love Japanese fashion for being so playful!! In Sweden everything should be so "grown up" and mature all the time when it comes to fashion and pretty much everything. But in Japan it seems like everybody wanna stay kids forever! =D

A Japanese friend of mine said that the evolution is going backwards in Japan. humans are looking more and more like animals with their tails and cat ear hats!! XD 

he best hat of them all gotta be the hat Amadeus is wearing here!! :D

It reminds me of the Tanookie-suit from Super Mario Bros 3!^^


On my way to meet some other people that were also coming to the party, Engla kept messaging me about if they had big lockers.
The reason why she wondered was because she had just won these "Alpackor" as she calls them on the UFO Catcher hahah... XD

Watch Engla play the "UFO Catcher" here:

Engla got a big bag for her "Alpackor" and Katharina from Finland that's been
here studying before joined!

Next person to show up was Shiena from Canada with a pimped out cell phone!


So cool!! So "Kira Kira"!! Kira Kira = Bling Bling

Then two of Katharina's Korean friends came and it was time to set off to the party destination! ;)

Even though I've been to the club so many times I always end up getting lost or taking the wrong train somehow. XD

This train station worker was pointing at this train with a very serious face to show that this was the last train for tonight to Roppongi where we were going.
We made it just in time...

Here's some strange small-talk from inside the train:

Sorry that some part of it is in Swedish. Here's translation of that conversation:

Engla: -"Did you see my video blog?"

Me: -"Video blog?? From Where?"

Engla: -"From the Men's EGG Party."

Me: -"I haven't seen it yet but I will check it out."

Then Engla says something that I can't hear no matter how many times I watch this video. :/

Then we arrived at the party!! Yaaaay!!^^
A disappointment for me was that there was much more red hats as you can see than those "Junior Woodchuck"-hats that's the big thing for the new year! Hello!!?? Wake up!! It's 2011 now!! ;)

One of the "Red Hats" were Michama which is the one that registered us as guests. Since Shun has sadly stopped being a Double Heart-staff, we're on her guest list from now on.

We were both wearing the same kind of CocoLulu-necklace.
Michama is actually a shop-staff at CocoLulu! =)

Another girl wearing a red hat as well was Rina, shop staff at JSG.

More red hats... It must have been some kinda theme I missed!?
First I thought the girl to the right was Kanako's best friend Romihi but it wasn't. :/

Romihi to the right.

What do you think? Does she look like Romihi?

Despite the presence of all "The Red Hats", everybody had fun!! ;)

But how can you not enjoy yourselves when you get free glowing wristbands!!^^


Leon's friend, and Shibuya 109-2 Disrev staff, Chuusuke was also there.
He's usually really shy but I guess he had been drinking tonight because he talked non-stop.

Odacchi and his friend.

The best part of every gyaru-party is when the DJ play the Tokyo Rave/Another Night Remix. It's only played one time every party and before it starts it gets totally quiet and a robot voice goes:
-"Tokyo Rave" 

And then everybody goes crazy like this:

Michama rocking it!!

She had some strange green being hanging out from her pocket and gloves around her neck!

Recchi must spend a lot of thought behind every outfit she wears. You never she her wear the same clothes or have the same hair style two times.

Shiena, Katharina, Engla, Recchi and Me. I have never noticed it before but Recchi talks with a baby voice, at least this night...

She had American flag style tonight, that's been really trendy both in Sweden and Japan lateley. Maybe everywhere?

Ren and Hiroki dressed up in American flag style. Hiroki(right) even matches the flags stars with a small star in his right ear haha...


Talking about the American flag, here me and Shiena are together with Lexi from America that arranges club events in Tokyo. And my hair has started to live it's own life some hours into the party... :/

With Shibuya 109-2 Kingdom staff Masayama.

Happy party people!

When I sat down I saw that the girl to the right had very furry shoes! =)

Somebody borrowing my hat.

About 4 o clock in the morning 5 more EGG-models/staff showed up! 
Yuunyan, Chibou, Sasshi, KenKen and Makochi.

I got really suprised when I came in to the bathroom and saw Chiboo standing there 4 in the morning!

Me: -"Chibo, what are you doing here!?

Chibou: -"Hahah, it's Chibooooo, not Chibo!
We have met infinite times so you should know by know!" ;)

Partying with the man, the myth, the legend Yuunyan 6 in the morning!! :D

Love his hat!! Much better than the red ones! ;D
I have noticed that he's ALWAYS wearing that star-neclace by the way.

With the one and only KenKen!!^^ Makochi in the background.

The party never seemed to end...

When it was over around 7.30 in the morning Odacchis friend in the middle couldn't take anymore
and looked like he was going to puke... Poor him! :(

But Engla still had a lot of energy!!

It was an awesome party anyway, and it's a new one this saturday 26th February!! ^^
Double Heart will celebrate their three year anniversary!! =)

If anybody of you are in Tokyo and wanna come, send a mail to
or contact me on Facebook: Fredrik Lyck

See you!! ^^


  1. Talk about partying all night!

    Just looking at the "Tokyo Rave" video part makes me get all claustraphobic.

    You guys looked great (Engla looks so adorable <3) and I LOVE your hair!

  2. haha xD looks like you had a lot of fun Great & cool pictures n.n

  3. You should start renaming your videos/vlogs.
    it would be much easier to find them on YouTube if you did!

  4. Wow, What a party! XD you guys look awesome btw~

  5. nyaaa~ Shiena ♥♥♥
    I follow her already for some time, too... so cute so cute (;0;)
    I like her phone~

    yeah, this entry looks like fun (^-^)
    Good-looking people~ (°v°)/
    And now I want to party, too... and I will, it's my bday :D hoho

  6. You guys are so adorable!! Hahaha! I love love loove your hair - and also how it found a life of its own during the party (>∇<;)

    And I think that the American flag trend may be trendy overseas, but back here in America... naaaah, hahahaha! It's pretty scarce you see anybody wearing an American flag theme.

  7. 花沢亜季:

    Thanks for the advice, that's true!
    I will try to do that! =)

  8. Alltså fredrik. Jag älskar din blogg. Den ger mig lite glädje mitt i all vardag. :) Och skitsnyggt "&"-halsband btw! Puss nemå

  9. lucky you! Recchi is so cute <3 !

  10. Nemå:

    Awwwww, va snäll du är!!^^
    Jag tjänar inga pengar på bloggen, men att få höra sånt gör verkligen att det känns värt att fortsätta!! =)

    Tack så jättemycket verkligen!!
    Din blogg ser intressant ut, ska börja kolla in den!! Ha det bäst! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

  11. Ayame: Thank you! Hahah, yeah kinda chaotic video! XD

    LIZ_THARDY: Thank you, yeah we had fun! ^^
    I hope you have fun too! =)

    Louise~: Yeah it was a nice party!! Thank you very much, you look great too!!

    Yukimi: Oh,have a great party!!! =)
    How old do you get?

    Mei: Thank you very much!! Oh, that's intresting that it's not as popular to wear it in America. I thought it was very popular with American flags in America, but maybe not wearing it as a theme..?

    Miru: Thanks!! Yeah she has a great fashion sense!! =)

    Matt: Thank you very much!!!^^

    Everybody that has ever commented or read this blog:

    Thank you sooo much, and I know I haven't answered a lot of questions! =(
    That feels so bad when you take time to read the blog and even to write a comment/question. :/

    I will do my best!!! You're the best!! d(^_^)

  12. You look so cool and stylish on this outfit!
    I love your cute hat!
    The girl's mobile phone is amazing *_______*

  13. Thanks for the answer!
    I turn 18 (^-^)

  14. First time I comment on your blog. I don't know if I should write in english or swedish :S

    Men jag tycker verkligen om din blogg. Du verkar leva ett underbart liv. Ser framemot att läsa ditt nästa inlägg ^^

    Ha det bra :)

    *det blev visst både och*

  15. I really liked this post ^^!
    and I fucking love the tokyo rave song and I'm so glad its alllways played. Although sometimes it got a bit like..? huh, when you went to events and there were like 5 different djs and they would all play it in their set :P!
    IS double hearts like a guestlist only event then? I've been told about it when I was in Tokyo but I never went and don't know much about it tbfff.

  16. looks like a great party night *u* i want to join when me and erika comes to tokyo!
    and also...... those alpacca plushies. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH <3

  17. Hej Fredrik, din kusin Malin här. Kollar in din blogg lite då och då jätte kul att följa vad du gör i Japan, inte hade ja en aning om att du var så intresserad av mode, och duktig.

    Gillade jätte mkt, den kan ni komma långt på verkligen inspirerande!

    Hoppas allt är bra annars:)

    KRAM Malin

  18. Hohohoh dear Ayumu will forever look good in anything XD Davy crockett fashion oh sheetz *rolling*
    Which makes me think I got laughed at today because of a bow in my hair ( mentalities flying high!), so I wonder what it'd be with a beaver on my head~~

    I have to say, i'm not much of a drunken parties freak, but that night look pretty cool x)

    Aaaaand I love your pants!

  19. Suzu:

    Oh thank you so much!!^^
    Hahah I'm happy you like the hat and don't think I look like a freak in it! XD

    Yeah she must have put some work behind decorating that cell phone, looks good indeed!!
    Decorating things in Japan is really popular! =)

  20. Lily:

    Oh ok, thank you for commenting!! =)
    Du kan skriva på det av språken som du vill!
    Både och går superbra det med hehe!!^^

    Ah tack så jättemycket!!
    Ibland känns livet verkligen underbart här tycker jag, det måste jag säga. Men självklart har livet sina toppar och dalar vart man än bor, men jag trivs här bättre och bättre för varje dag som går så jag hoppas jag kan stanna ett tag till!

    Jag tycker de flesta svenskar som kommer hit verkar gilla det, så det tror jag absolut du också skulle göra! Självklart har japan många dåliga sidor också men man kan verkligen få vara med om fantastiska upplevelser här tycker jag.

    Ha det jättebra du med!!! :)

  21. Mia-Carla:

    Oh I'm so happy you liked it!! Thank you! =)

    Yeah me too. I looooove that song!! ^^
    Ah yeah like at club Atom right?? That's true, I've experienced that too. I guess all the DJ's wanna play it to be popular among the audience since pretty much everybody in Tokyo loves it..

    That's a good question. I'm really not sure if it's only invited people and their friends or if anybody can get in. I didn't know about it before I got invited so I can't say.

    But I guess that it's mostly people that are into "gyaru-culture" that know about the event so they usually know somebody that can register them as guests.
    It's not where all the other clubs are, so a person would never just find the place randomly I guess.

    Either being on the guest list is just for getting entrance discount and a free drink, or it's necessary. Not sure. Sorry!

    Thanks for your comment!! =)

  22. Sofia:

    Thanks yeah it was great, and you gotta join when you come here!! =D

    Hahah yeah impossible to not like them..! XD

    When are you coming to Tokyo btw??

  23. Malin:

    Heeej Malin!! =)
    Kul att du kollar bloggen ibland!
    Det visste jag inte!

    Tack! Jag har varit intresserad av mode ganska länge, men inte till den graden som på senaste tiden. Det känns som man blir ett mode-freak om man bor i Tokyo, varelse man vill det eller inte hehe. ;)

    Ah, roligt att du gillade!!
    Tanken var att vi skulle ta foton av 14 personer i veckan för den sidan och uppdatera den två gånger om dagen, men sen blev jag sjuk ett tag och han som jag gör sidan tillsammans med har massor med jobb och studier just nu så den ligger tyvärr på is just nu. :(
    Men förhoppningsvis kommer den igång strax igen!!

    Roligt att arbeta med den iallafall, för det finns verkligen oändligt med folk med olika sorters uppseéndeväckande modestilar i Tokyo.

    Allt är bra med mig, hoppas allt är bra med dig också!!^^
    Träffade dina föräldrar och lite annan släkt när jag var hemma i Sverige en stund i vintras, och visade lite bilder från Japan.

    Ha det bra och kom jättegärna och hälsa på i Tokyo någon gång!! =)

    Kram Fredrik

  24. Anchu:

    Hahah yeah Ayumu seems to never age, and I agree that he suits in anything hahah..!

    What's Davy Crockett fashion?

    Oh, so you only thought that people laughed at you?
    I guess it will always be people that don't like when people do something different.

    Hahah a beaver on your head..

    People barely drink anything at those parties, most of them doesn't even seem to like alcohol. But some Japanese people can drink only one bear and get so drunk that they almost can't stand up anymore I've noticed.

    Thank you!! I have a really hard time to find pants that look good on me, but I liked those ones! =)

  25. Ser superkul ut som vanligt - skulle såååå gärna gå på festen nu i helgen, men ja, Miyazaki är ju lite långt. ;) Men fr o m 1:a April är jag på!! :D

    Var på CocoLulu i helgen i Fukuoka och var faktiskt imponerad - dubbelt så stor som den i 109 och typ inget folk!!! Det blev en jacka och ett par ringar trots att jag inte skulle köpa något alls... ^^; Gillar starkt CoandLo halsbandet dock!!! ^^

    Tack för intressanta/roliga posts och supersköna bilder "as always"! ^-^

    Ha're fint och ser fram emot bilderna den kommande helgens party! ^^

  26. Va skönt. Då kan jag skriva på svenska ^^

    Ja du verkar ha det jättebra. Det är min dröm att få åka dit någon dag. Det finns så många spännande människor där, så mycket att uppleva. Jag har läst och hört några av de dåliga sidorna med japan, men så är det väl i alla länder?


  27. I LOOOVVEEE your blog!! You put so much effort into it! Thanks!! ^^