Monday, February 21, 2011

Being Sick is Soo Fashionable!! ;D

I've been really sick the last weeks, but being sick in Japan is no excuse for not being fashionable! ;)
(I've not been fashionable at all though)

At the gigantic department store Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku they have all kinds of masks to protect yourself and your environment from being sick.

I remember when the swine-flue was everywhere on the news and pretty much everybody was wearing these masks. They even made it into fashion to look as sick as possible... XD
At the picture above you see the CocoLulu staff in times of Swine-Flue.

The eye-patch is usually used when people have got red eyes from wearing color-lenses to much.
It was pretty common for a while so they came up with eye-pathes that made you look like a pirate etc...

Taking these pain-killers, prescribed medicines and nose spray, plus wearing masks is pretty much everything I've been doing the last two weeks! :P

I wonder if thos masks really help. What do you think?

According to the doctor I had something called "KinKinChouSeiZuTsuu".
It means something like "Long Term Muscle Pain Headache" I think...

Anyhow I haven't experienced so much Sagepoyo for many years!
"KinKinChouSeiZuTsuu" is horrible!! :/

But now it's gone, and everythings is Agepoyo again!!^^

While suffering I've been playing the Wii-games Super Mario Galaxy and Last Story. Last Story turned out to be pretty good for learning Japanese since the characters chat with eachother through voice recorded conversations all the time while you play. So you kinda get a good feel for casual conversations.

And we just had a big test in school so I've been studying a lot from my Japanese school Kai's text books. At least I learned some more Japanese while being sick. =)

One of the things we study in school is Kanji-words. Words written in Chinese characters. Appearently the word Kannon, which means "The Godess of Mercy" is where the brand "Canon" got its name from.


So this Japanese brand that makes some of the world's most sold cameras and printers...

...Is named after this godess. Kannon, the godess of mercy.
This makes me wonder where Japanese brands like Sony and Nikon got their names from!?


  1. I think you wearing a mask helped people around you and they didn't get sick. I wish it would be more widespread in Western world.

    Looking forward for new posts, you've got me hooked!

  2. Yes, I have to agree with Josie, it is really nice when it's common for people to wear masks. I remember when we had the swine flu here in the U.S. - that would've been a GREAT time for those masks to become trendy here, hahaha. Unfortunately, I don't think it's something that'll ever catch on here.

  3. I like the masks too! We've been wearing them lately partly because everyone at work has been getting sick, but also because of all the volcano ash!!

    I like the masks for a different reason though... it means I can be lazy with my make up. ^^;
    And it's really good so that people can't see you a) yawning or b) giggling over random stuff at work. Win!!! :D

  4. I'd really like that kind of mask right about now! :D
    I am covered in red spots :(