Thursday, June 21, 2012

The UppCon Family! アップコンのファミリー!

This weekend 4000 people that like Japan had a family meeting, I mean convention! :D

The fashion were more colorful than the rainbow!

The CosPlay insane!

The games hilarious!

The seats cozy!

And the beds... well you're not supposed to sleep there Jonathan! ;)

Anyway, best of all: The hugs were for free! ^^

Many familiar faces in Uppsala where UppCon was, first these two at Burger King. =)

Seike and Yohio from Seremedy were promoting their new album.

Met Nicole, Marijela and Saga on the way in to UppCon.

Saga's home made hair diadem with black and white roses. Original!

But she were not the only one showing off her skeleton! ;D

Victoria from Top Model Sweden also opened up!

Showing skin is so 2000 late!

Hairstyle from a model shoot she had just done.

On the second day I were in a fashion show with all these wonderful people! Family photo! ^^

The organizer Rebecca gave instructions on how to walk.

Everybody listened carefully.

Waiting nervously in line for going out on the cat walk.

Wish me good luck! :P

Ready to enter the stage.

The kind audience that had joined us in the morning to see our crazy outfits! :)

Here we go!

Thanks to Hyo for taking these cat walk pics! =)

Beautiful Emi!

A rose in the eye!? I like it! :D

More naked bones!

Afterwards I met these super cool blog readers Emma and Sabina. Read Emma's blog here! :)

More awesome blog readers! Thanks a lot for cheering on me in the fashion show and to everybody that came up to me! I'm honestly touched!

Some of my blog readers got information about studying in Japan from Jonathan  working for Blueberry.

He felt like he stuck out looking regular with all the CosPlayers around him. =/

 So I gave him a crown. Now he totally blends in! ;)

Jonathan's stylish friends from the band Overworld dropped by. =)

Not to mention the mad Lego professor! :O

Fascinating - in a scary way! ;)

Haven't seen this good CosPlay since Tokyo Game Show!

Cuter than dolls!

Scarier than monsters!

More 3D than Avatar!

Younger than Justin Bieber!

Hungrier than Kirby!

Hopefully better friends than Link and Ganondorf! ;)

Jonathan got lot of inspiration from the CosPlayers for the drawing competition!

Lately many people come up and tell him he looks like the actor Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds.

Two people mentioning that were the Super Mario Sisters.

Their brothers must be so proud of them! ^^

Two other "sisters"! :)

Home made crown and accessories.

So many fantastic dresses!

Often accompanied by stuffed animals. =)

Plus colorful hair!

So many unbelievably cool people but only a three days long event! :/

I wish their were time to get to know all of them!

An infinite amount of creative styles!

I need to update my wardrobe when it comes to hats by the way! :D

One with eyes would be practical! :)

Maybe Emilia(right) can help me make one since she won second prize in best handicraft at UppCon! =)

Two people, or mice, that had made their own hats were these!
One deadmau5, two deadmi5? I that how DJ grammar works?

Anyway, you haven't really partied until you partied with the "deadmi5"!

The days at UppCon ended in Rave parties.

This is how I felt when UppCon was over haha! ^^

Thanks a lot to all of you who made UppCon! Staff and visitors alike! Orange gotta be my new favorite color! :)

Except for these entrance bracelets, I got one souvenir from UppCon.

It was given to me by two Hetalia Cosplayers, and was exactly what I needed.

A heart - to replace my old one broken by the real world.

How can I top going to Scandinavia's biggest Japan convent? By going to Europe's biggest one in Paris next month with 200 000 freaking visitors! See you there? :)


  1. That really colorful costume, like a rainbow was cool :)I want it !!

  2. hoppas ni hade roligt! :D det var kul att gå modevisningen ~ och herregud ja, din vän ser verkligen ut som Matthew Gray Gubler :'D

  3. Oh wow, such an overload of amazing outfits! (*▽*)
    You looked so cool on stage and I bet it was fun, too!

    Miss you, Fredrik!

    - Milla

  4. Ååh jag såg dig flera gånger men hann inte hälsa för jag sprang runt och var upptagen med artister och annat. Letade efter dig på söndagen då jag hade mer fri tid, men hittade dig aldrig då! Typiskt :3 Kul att se din outfit i modevisningen iallafall! Riktigt nice!

  5. I'm so sad I couldn't go to UppCon this year!! And I hate the fact that it was the last one....

    Wish I could go to the one in Paris.

  6. What fun photos! Looks like an awesome event! :)

  7. I love. everything. in this post. omg. All the outfits looked so goooood * w*

  8. Arrgghhh it looked so awesome!! *___*

  9. So many interesting characters!
    I love the rainbow fella most :D

  10. is that really matthew gray gubler!!!

  11. Hey =)))

    I love ur blog, it's amazing and thank u for show us the fashion gyaru^^

    Perhaps we will see in Japan Expo