Friday, June 22, 2012

Movie Time! ムービータイム!

I got a package from Japan with movies a few days ago. =)

One of the movies were Men's Egg Drummers, about the meeting between the old traditional Japan and the new young Shibuya.

I got invited by Chibou who's in the movie to see the premier about a year ago but sadly couldn't go, so it will be fun to watch it now! :)

Here's some of the other actors from the movie, many of them Egg models.

Trailer with English subtitles. A lot of "Agepoyo" in there haha!

The other movie is a documentary about the Egg magazine and the models. Interesting!

Trailer with Ayumu and Co who gives us a insight to their lives! :)

You can order the movies here. Sadly there's no subtitles, but at least there's a very good description on how to open the packages: "good!" ;)

Don't forget to buy snacks before watching! Jonathan is ready haha! ^^


  1. OMG I WANT THEM SO BADLY! :( I wish there were subtitles x

  2. Your blog is so nice! I can't wait for my trip to Japan, which is next April(^^)

    and I have question for you Fredrik! Do you know if there is age limit in Men's egg nights? I'm 18 and I've heard that there are many clubs in Japan where age limit is 20...