Friday, June 1, 2012

Dare to Eat This? ザ・ロックアップ

The food at the restaurant The Lock Up is full of surprises...

The Lock Up is located at Senta-gai in Shibuya and Kabukichou in Shinjuku.

With The Wild Flowers and Amadeus at the cave entrance of the place.

First you get arrested and handcuffed by a cop! :/

And led into a prison cell.

You basically get "locked up"! Hopefully with nice people like these! =)

I've been there many times, with many different people.

I've learned to avoid things in the menu with too many skulls to stay alive...

I recommend the eye - it might even improve your sight! ;)

Time to drink!

I mean inject!

Maybe into a friends arm...

What about the food? Well, the prison inmates put fire to it! :O

Sadly that isn't all... If you order eight Takoyaki(octopus balls) for example, one of them will be horribly spicy.

If you already thought it were scary enough, you haven't met the monsters...

They will make you laugh or cry! Maybe both! :D

They sneak around with their filthy claws outside...

...Stops and stares at you for a moment...

...Before they suddenly attack! :(

Then you better flee!

Or stay and befriend them. XD

If you tell them it's your birthday...

...they might even make you a cake with your name written in chocolate Katakana! (Photo from Penny's blog)

If it's not your birthday, you can order this as dessert instead! :D

It's enough for everyone!

Which is your favorite layer? :)

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