Sunday, June 24, 2012

No Hat - No Life 帽子をかぶってみる

There's so much funny hats nowadays that it would be a waste of head not to wear one!

I went to try on some.

I liked this one with a skeleton hand on it!

Cool that the "NY" also is written with bones!

Here's other memorable hats I've tried. =)

Fur hat at LaForét in Omotesando.

Animal hats in Shinjuku, not sure why they used Obama as model for a Panda hat...

I can sense huntsmen coming to get me. ;)

German Flo in a hat with a red light on top of it, in Nude Trump's masquerade store in Shibuya.

At Don Kihote. Not sure what kinda hat it is but...

...but the Mad Hatter would be green by envy if he saw me wearing it! I took the pic at Hollywood Boulevard.

This hat is number 1 on my wish list though! Pink poop, Dr. Slump style!


  1. I don't really do caps, but I loooove the white one with the chains and zips on!

  2. Don't let the guys at Valve offices see this lol