Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Visual Kei with Seremedy セレメディーのビジュアル系ショー

Engla and me went to see her friends in the band Seremedy!

I totally failed to get some kinda Visual Kei look for the gig...

Randomly met Hopy and her friend on their way to the same place and ate lunch. A band Hopy likes were also gonna perform.

At the hall Cyber in Ikebukuro.

These colorful musicians were also playing. =)

Their band's vocal had a bag on his head. ^^

Then it was time for our beloved Seremedy! Here with two Japanese supporters.

They got a deal with Universal after the show and the Lolita-dressed guy to the left named Yohio also started a solo-project.

He has recently been on Japanese TV several times and seems to be a rising superstar! You can see his popular Japanese blog here.

Here's a teaser for his first music video. Full video here.

Hopy took a photo with her favorite band for the night as well. =)

Then it was after party at the bar Star Cafe where famous Visual Kei artists hang out a lot. Yohio got me meet some of his idols there.