Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kalles Kaviar in Tokyo! :D 日本人はスウェーデンの一番人気のトッピングを食べてみる!

Japanese people taste Kalles Kaviar in this Swedish commercial for our most popular sandwich topping! :D


Kalles Kaviar has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. Maybe I should move back to Tokyo now that they got it there too? ;)


What's funny is that people are either disgusted by it or can't get enough, as you see in the commercial haha... They end by saying "Kalles Kaviar - A very Swedish taste".

Another things that people tend to hate or love is licorice... If you can't get enough of Japanese people trying Scandinavian things you can read my earlier post "Souvenirs to Shibuya 109" here! =)

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  1. Hahahaaa :D I love that commercial! Japanese people are so funny and kind :D I remember when my friend tried rye pudding here in Finland and I could see how she didn't like it at all!! Still she tried to eat and said it's good XD Love them!!! <3