Monday, April 9, 2012

LED-Teeth: Party in the Mouth! LEDの歯:口内でパーティー!

Just when Europeans and Americans got bleached white smiles, Japanese color their teeth blue and green...

Looks kinda dangerous and scary but I really want it! XD

Apparently it's been existing for about a year, but I haven't heard much about it. Anybody that tried?

I saw some promotion for it at LaForet's Grand Bazar sale in Japan but didn't think it were for real.

Here one of the creators shows it off.

The crazy Japanese inventions really makes you... smile.

Would rather scream than smile if I met these a night though! :/


  1. In my opinion that´s just simply crazy XD But hey, I appriciate the creativity <3

  2. ahah amazing !!! i want try it 8D !

  3. I need to have a blue teeth ! Love it. It's just so fun <3

  4. Wowww scary!!!!lol Reminds me some crazy killer robots when I saw the video! ^^

  5. OMG this is crazy!I love it! :D

  6. I've seen it last year on the Arama! They didn't community on Livejournal. It's pretty funny. If I see a pink one, I'm totally buying it!

    Other weird tech and apparel creation they are making is the necomimi device to put in your head and it will move the cat ears according to your brainwaves.

    I need that in my life!

    1. Thanks for your comment! =)

      Oh wow that's really cool! Do you mind if I post that here on the blog?
      I will mention you.

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    I'd love you to be my new fashion friend!:)

    1. Thank you! :)
      Wow you got so much followers and comments or your blog! Nice entries! ^^
      Sure, I'm following you and "Like" you on Facebook now. =)
      You can add me on Facebook if you want: Fredrik Lyck