Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Instagram Killed Facebook? インスタグラッムはフェイスブックを殺してしまった?

Lately Facebook feel like a ghost town. Instagram has taken attention away from most social media including blogs.

But just before people threw Facebook in the trash can they bought Instagram for one billion dollar. Anyway...

Instagram is still an evil mass murder app! :O

Disguised as an innocent old polaroid camera.

Kinda obsessed myself! Why just take regular photos when you can add simple color filters to them and instantly share them!? ;D

It's also fun to combine Instagram with other apps like PicFrame and InstaClip to make a collage like this. =)

The Japanese and fourth Greek gyaru model Anna Fujita use similar methods when she uploads photos of her blog readers.

More pics like that and Purikura of Anna Fujita at her blog here. When will a Purikura app be available btw!? :)

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  1. I follow you and you follow me, thank you!! Also there are a few good puri Kura apps for download :D

  2. I agree! I really want their to be a purikura app tooo! That would awesome!! All the current apps claiming to be like puri are just uglyyyy!

    1. Ok I haven't seen any yet but will look that up! Yeah the one making a great Puri app first going to be a billionaire! :D

      *Starting to sketch on the most awesome Purikura app* ;)

  3. haha this entry is so funny !! I always love your blogentrys ^----^And I will "like " agepojo on facebook now XD ^...^

    1. Thank you very very much!! So happy to hear that from you! ^^

  4. I also use Instagram, but I'm still using a lot more Facebook.

    By the way, I've made big changes on my blog, including my blog name and blog url. Check it if you want!