Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Funny Moments #9 Hairspray Lottery

At the Atom Renewal Party this man was standing at the entrance with a "Lucky Box".

If you pulled out a white ball you lost.

I pulled out a red ball and won a bag with hair products. Exactly what I need! ;D

The EGG-model Ayumu was DJ at the party. The model Anna to the right of him is only 15 years old. How did she get in to the club!? :/

They had artificial snow falling from the roof. =)


  1. Wow this looked like so much fun!! I miss those prize draws with the balls haha!

  2. cuz she's a model? :p

    renewal, does this mean the finished renovating the 4th and 5th floor? yay! must go back then... 6th floor only sucked....

  3. oh, wow! that's creative :L
    so the haircare lottery :)

    She's the popteen model right? the one half italian.. or something like that.. :/

    i'm not allowed to the club.. so unfair.. hahaha
    only joking (^.^)b

  4. ahh, is that yukihide? i wanna see him too~ haha :33

  5. you gotta love japan and the free stuff ;P

  6. kari:

    Yeah must be because she's a model.

    These pictures are from last year when they had finished renovating club Atom, now they are renovating it again. :/

  7. Emiko Rei:

    She's an EGG-model, but maybe she's a Popteen-model too. It's possible that she's half Italian because she don't look very Japanese.