Saturday, June 18, 2011

Funny Moments #12 Fake Beard

We were shopping at Don Kihote and passed by a corner where they have fake beard. :O

So many different fake beards to choose between! It's apparently Japan's number 1 selling fake beard and used in TV and movies.

"Just by one touch you can change your whole image!" ;)

Lots of people are already faking their hair, eyelashes and eye color so I guess it was only a question of time before this arrived.

How did people even manage to survive before their was fake beard!?


  1. And these look like they would look so real too o_O

  2. OMG! XD
    What the....
    very crank

  3. i am eating right now breakfast and know me is so sick of this haha XD when i think i would kiss a guy and later is fake beard is on me..ohh shock Oo;

  4. haha!! saw these lately at donki too and my bf and I broke down laughing in front of the corner XD

  5. yeahh we saw the same in akiba XDDDDDDDDD

  6. shinibana:

    Hahah no I don't think it would suit me. But never say never, right. ;D

    When they make blonde fake beard I will try it...

  7. i thought these were pubes at first LOL