Monday, June 6, 2011

French Fries Hat & Time Travelling

I met Sofia and Milla from Finland who's on vacation in Japan now. Here we're standing outside the Disney store in Shibuya who's all about Pirates of the Caribbean for the moment.

Ate at the Izakaya Kin no Kura.

It was pretty hot and humid so went looking for something to drink and found this store which I've never seen before even though I've been so many times to Shibuya.

Hats and shirts with teeth on display.

Some pretty rare clothes inside. Very expensive so probably handmade.

Tried on this bling bling jacket. Michael Jackson feeling! =)

The test rooms were covered in silver paper.

And they had shoes with Swedish flags inside. :O

Went to EggNam for some Purikura.

It' so pink inside! There's a Swedish song that goes: "Everything is pink in Japan. There must be something they're missing."

Our first purikura together! =)

Then it was time to try on some hats that you can buy or borrow for Purikura at EggNam! ^^

Before Milla had to go home we ate at the top of Shibuya 109. All the people on the streets looks so small from up there.

Then we got stopped by this girl who wanted us to be extra in a movie about time travels. I couldn't come even though I would really like to go back in time and change all the mistakes I've done! :/

She thought Sofia looked like Nicole Richie. I've never thought about it, but she actually kinda does.


  1. Oh wow, Susie Bubble just blogged about that store recently too! It seems so wonderful!

    You also look wonderful in hats, although the french fry one is interesting to say the least lol

  2. wooooooooah *________* I want to go to the Disney Shop, too!
    So awesome!

    I like your fries hat, very sexy XD

  3. Älskar din blogg!!

    Men vad betyder agepoyo? :D

  4. Wooaaaa Milla <3 <3 <3 She's so cute and fits to Japan <3

  5. The purikura are so cute! *^^*
    Your fries hat is really the best haha~
    I really would love to go to "FAKE TOKYO" store, it looks interesting there :O

  6. haha! that is so random about the lady who wanted you to be extras in a movie!!!

    aaah... sasuga, european girls are so pretty.... looks like you guys had fun! ^_-

  7. Liza:

    Tack så jättemycket! =)

    Det är lite svårt att förklara, men om du läser det första inlägget i denna bloggen så har jag försökt beskriva ordets betydelse.