Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hachiko - A Friend For Life

Tokyo's most common meeting point is in front of this dog statue in Shibuya. It's the dog Hachiko which has become a symbol for loyalty in Japan.

Art of Hachiko outside Shibuya station. Hachiko used to wait here for his owner to get back from work, even nine years after his death.


Real picture of Hachiko. The story about Hachiko is known by everybody in Japan and thought to children as a good example to follow.  

2009 it also became known to the rest of the world when the Hollywood movie "Hachiko: A Dog's Story" with Richard Gere was produced.

When Hachiko waited for his owner people used to give him food to support him. Nowadays when it's cold outside you can sometimes see that he's been dressed up like here.

Fashionable Hachiko in a Leopard scarf.

He's so popular that even cats wanna hang out with him! ^^
Who wouldn't want a friend like Hachiko?


  1. hachiko was a akita inu, and i have a shiba inu, he is soo diffrent XD but you can get every dog to be loyal to you . without my dogs lol

  2. Hachiko's story is so nice and endearing, the movie of Richard Gere was really cute too. I like the photos of Hachiko dressed up and with a cat XD

  3. OMG i saw the movie about Hachiko!!
    soo touching! i was watching this with my parents and we all cried xD. love the statue and the art <33


  4. aaa Hachiko!!! <3

    you are so lucky! :)

  5. I named my puppy after Hachiko because of his story. It's so beautiful!