Saturday, March 24, 2012

3D-Vision Easter Rabbits 3Dビジョンのイースターのウサギ

The Easter is colorful! :)


Lots of sparkling eggs for all wallet sizes.

Cheaper ones at IKEA.

And more classy Fabergé eggs at the candy store Caramella at Hötorget, Stockholm.

And rabbits! Here some german "shokoladen"-rabbits.

Cozy rabbits hanging out with some pigs and a clown. Doesn't get much more "Easter" than that! ;)

Engla with some purple/pink frying pans and the Japanese accessory "UsaMimi" on her head. "UsaMimi" = Rabbit Ears

Engla: -"LOL, a guy on the train asked me if I'm a rabbit haha.

Me: -"Hahahaha... What!?  XD
-"What did you answer?"

Engla: -"Because I have UsaMimi haha."
-"I said no, it's just my style."

Me: -"Hehe good pick up line, I will try that one next time. ;)"

He should be happy he met the rabbit Engla-chan and not this one I met at Trump Room. He ain't no happy german shokoladen-rabbit...

Beware of the evil 3D-vision rabbit! ;D

The Easter is not only colorful but also very mysterious, just like the Easter Island... Or this mysterious rabbit store in Korea selling colorful wigs.


  1. Adorable post, I enjoy your photos so much :)

  2. Happy Easter! :D
    It's "Schokoladen" Rabbit by the way x3