Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bazu - The Transformer

After randomly meeting a friend from the last Egg-party we ended up with this cool group of fantasy creatures! =)

First met up with Manuela from Italy and went to EggNam to take Purikura.

This girl in the middle named Bazu were taking Purikura and getting herself ready for a party there.

I recognized her from the last Egg-party. She is sometimes in the magazines Egg and KERA. Her style is called "White-Manba".

Here's an example of what a regular Manba looks like. Everything but white.

I heard from her friend that she had to remove all her make-up before going in to Disneyland, otherwhise "she could have got mixed up with the Disney-characters". :D

From the back. There's very few manba now compared to before, kinda sad since they used to make Shibuya even more colorful.

Since Manba is so rare nowadays, the few ones that's around are pretty famous. Me and Jenni met the manba Alba Rosa here. More pictures of her here. Thanks to SähläriSiri for the link.

Maybe the Manba hype will be reborn as white?

Bazu were meeting her party-crew later but had time to take some Purikura together before. 

Manuela aka Manu editing afterwards.

I was chocked when I saw one of Manu's friends. Bazu and her must be two of the most crazy and cool people I've seen in Japan.

All kinds of people came to take Purikura before going to the party Tokyo Decadence in J-Pop café. Bazu borrowed "Hawaiian necklaces" to me and Manu to make us fit in. ;)

Manuela and me sadly couldn't go to the party but you can see pictures of it at Bazu's blog BAZOOKISTAN here. :)

The left picture shows Bazu before her transformation to a white manba. Transformers 3 has premiere in Japan on Friday but they're already among us. ;)


  1. "No Purikura - No Life!

    Aww, that's cute! :'D
    Wow, that group looks really colourful and interesting! So cool!

  2. omg those people look really great^^ how much they care for their make up ^^
    but still I don't like manba..
    but I'm sure you had lot of fun^^

  3. never seen anyone like that white manba! :D but it's interesting!

  4. Wow so colorful! :o How do you get to meet all these people? Ô.Ô And how long are you staying in Japan? n_n

  5. :O you met Geha? She is so awesome, we actually met her last year, but did not know who she isX3 We where so happy when we saw the pic of her on Tokyo Fashion <3

  6. i've seen her in egg too! and i remembered her from a previous post you made...

    when i saw your puri on facebook, i was thinking "this actually does look a lot like mamba... with different makeup... is this gonna be a mamba revival?" i wonder. i actually think her makeup is cooler than mamba though. even if it is hella freaky. lol. old-style mamba makeup (with the panda eyes) is just ugly.

  7. woot woot i <3 that old style yamanba pic and the panda eyes ^^ mmm mmm do ya thing honey! manba girls sing it "People are all the same And we only get judged by what we do. Personality reflects name And if I'm ugly then So are you, SO ARE YOU"

  8. OMG You finally met my sister Manu ^^ You have no idea how much she talked about you in these months!! Glad you finally met and had fun!!

  9. "Me and Jenni met the manba Alba Rosa here"

    If you didn't know, that "mamba" is a man. If it's the same one that's in that link you gave.

  10. I soooo prefer regular manba over the white one xD no offense, but i would not want to meet those people late at night, LOL

  11. wow ive never seen a manba before ;o or heard of it x3. But they look very original and awesome looking ;D