Friday, November 4, 2011

My First Fan! ;D

When I asked this Yamamba "Run-Chan" for a photo he surprisingly said:
-"Hey it's the guy from TV!" and wanted to take the photo together.

He and his friends asked about how much the rent is at my guest house and said he's friend with Ashley that's been in this blog before.

Creds to awesome Hopy for taking the pictures!
Check out her cool blog

Couldn't imagine to ever be recognized by guys like this when I were small and saw them during vacation in Tokyo. Looove his shoes btw! :D

Hopy also showed me this "Sun-guy". More Yamamba-fashion in the streets please!! ^^


  1. I met Run a few days ago!
    Maybe you'll see me tommorrow! My last day in Tokyo, and I will be manba of course!
    Hope we see eachother!


  2. lucky!! XD
    and you are right! more extreme stuff please!!

  3. Whoa, I have yet to see any YamabaO... I guess Hiroo isn't the best place ;p

  4. Cool blog.! You made me love Japan even more than I did before~!!^^