Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Me and My Room on TV テレビ出演!

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, I will be on Japanese TV. If you have time to watch, it will be on channel 4 (Nihon Terebi) 10pm. =)

The picture above is from another TV interview with Fuji TV about Women's Soccer.

The show is called Bombii Gaaru(ボンビーガール). It's about people and their rooms.

They will look around in my room and ask about the things they find...

This hat might be one of the things they notice. :)

If somebody can find it and link to it on YouTube it would be much appreciated!


  1. shiawase bombi girl special right??
    that's like my favorite tv show at the moment! I was so looking forward to the special! it will be fun to see you on the show! :D

  2. nicola:

    Yes that's right! :D

    Oh cool that you know the show and like it! =)
    I didn't know about it before but it will be fun to watch! ^^

    Probably emberassing to see myself on TV though... :/

  3. i want to watch it but it wont be aired in my country T__T is there any way that it will be uploaded on youtube? :)
    congratulations for being interviewed!

  4. Haha hope we'll find it on youtube, I'm impatient to see that! see you soon guy! xoxo

  5. テレビ出演おめでとう!!アメリカにいるから番組見えないけど、そのテレビ経験を話してくださ~~~い!!!絶対聞きたいです! 
    o(^0^ )o ///★

    Congratulations!!! I'm sure the show turned out so well~ I can't wait to hear more about it!! :D

  6. aaw, that's too bad, i don't have a tv anymore!!

    cool you got on tv though!

  7. I'm looking forward to watch it!
    Hope somebody will upload it at youtube!

  8. just saw it. Love bombi girl, can't believe I saw someone I know of on it.

  9. I hope someone can record it and put on youtube! It looks very interesting <3

  10. WWWOOOWWW amazing,
    I didn't know that tv show :3 seems very interesting, I have to see it then x)


  11. Haha, I want my room to be broadcast-ed there as well. I just found your blog accidentally today, popped in, read a lot and had much fun!

    Kisses from Shinjuku;)