Monday, September 19, 2011

Tokyo Game Show Cosplay

This weekend I've been to Tokyo Game Show and seen dozens of fantasy characters like this! =)

Thanks to Rodrigo from my school who works at the Spanish gaming site Vida Extra I got a Press Pass. Thank you! ^^

Many say that Tokyo Game Show are becoming less about actual gaming...

...and more about the Cosplay around it.

Apparently the light circumstances between the showcase halls is close to perfect, which has made it one of the biggest Cosplay scenes.

Halo and Assasin's Creed Cosplayers from overseas in the line for TGS(Tokyo Game Show) on Saturday.

When I were taking photos of them this nice blog reader Estefania from San Diego came up to me. Such a fun surprise! ^^

She was one of the 83.000 people that came on Saturday to check out PS Vita and all the new games.

Not to mention the amazing Cosplay again. They must have put so much effort into their costumes and style!

This guy even managed to become the Evangelion Mecha I had on my shirt this day! ^^

Pink fur overload!

If you know what game/animé some of the characters are from, you're more than welcome to comment about it!

A lot of Cosplay from Monster Hunter.

A photo of me holding a pig together with two other Monster Hunter characters ended up here at the big gaming site

I think every friend I've met since then has told me that. Thanks! =)


Chocobo from Final Fantasy.

The vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

There's so much people taking photos of the cosplayers... They must feel like celebrities for a day.

It's very important for them to pose correctly and look good on every picture taken of them.

When I asked this girl about a photo while she was walking around, she first had to find a good spot and have her items ready. She had bought the gaming console Neo Geo because her character got it.

It's still extremley humid in Tokyo so it must be tough trying to look perfect in those hot suits.

Sometimes you need to take a break and chill out with your cell phone.

Cosplay can be really fun and playful...

But there's also a scary side to it. :/

No, I'm not referring to these happy monsters...

...or this guy with a bag over his head. ;)

What's scary is how sexistic it can be.

The less clothes a girl has the longer the lines is to take photos of her.

Sadly girls are often looked upon as objects in the Japanese entertainment industry.

Another example of that is the "Booth Babes" that's supposed to bring hype to the games.

Some companies went so far that they had pole dancers next to their games...

Anyhow there were more innocently dressed girls there as well.

Cool half-Persian half-Japanese girl.

More about Tokyo Game Show later! =)


  1. Ååh! type-0 cosplay! Ska vara i Tokyo när dom släpper det, förhoppningsvis ser man cosplayers där med.

  2. ah! the character with a bag on his head, Name is FAUST. From guilty gear 6!

  3. Thank you for sharing, I love seeing all the cosplayers~~

  4. Omg this looks like so much fun! I wish I went tooooo >w< ^0^

  5. Looks like a cool event with some Fantastic costumes.

    Japan Australia

  6. I like how you sometimes can't tell if they're men or women xD

  7. Inte helt säker, men heter hon inte Hatsune Miku? Tjejen från vocaloid

  8. Haha Wow så ambitösa. Vet inte vad jag tycker om cosplay, blir amazed och förskräckt på samma gång. Och angående de hemsk sexistiskt lättklädda tjejerna, hela spelkulturen/anime-manga världen känns fuckad oftast. Sorgligt att de måste satsa mer på hentai för att kunna överleva.